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Team Development Tools Included In Oracle Developer

Oracle Developer includes several tools to help the multiperson development team. These tools can also be used for smaller, one-person projects, but are really designed for larger organizations. The first tool is Project Builder, which can be used by the build-master to make sure the builds are streamlined. The second tool is Revision Control System (RCS), which is used for saving and restoring various versions of your source code. Both tools can and should be used in your team development environment.

Project Builder provides support for a large number of source code file types, and allows you to build all the files in your project. After the executable files are created, they can be copied to a staging area for proper testing. If you are working with a completely different file type, Project Builder provides a mechanism to create customized build rules. This is a tool that can be used by all build-masters to make the job easier.

All developers should be familiar with a source code control system such as RCS. Project Builder is integrated with RCS, but it can be modified to work with any command-line driven source code control system. This allows developers to go back to previously tagged versions of the source code. This feature is especially useful when a developer has introduced a bug in the latest update, and you need to work with a bug-free version of the code.

As with all tools, Project Builder is helpful only when used correctly. It is also important to back up the RCS repository in case of any type of hardware failure. Doing so will save countless hours of coding if something bad happens.

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