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9: Promote with Your Automated Email

If you have one of those links on your site that says "For further information, enter your email address"—and you should—would you send out an automated email that reads like this?

------ This is an auto-responder ------

You have been added to the mailing list. If you want to discontinue this subscription, please email us at remove@tires4sale with REMOVE in the subject line. Visit us as http://www.tires4sale.com. We are the leader in discount tires on the web.

Wouldn't that make you rush back to the site and buy tires? Fugettaboutit!

If this is the type of autoresponder you send, you're missing a great free marketing opportunity. If it reads like this instead, you may make a sale from the inquiry:

Dear Car Owner:

Thank you for inquiring about our premium tire products. We'll keep you informed of the latest specials and new product arrivals on our web site. You can be assured that Tires4sale will always offer brand name tires like Michelin and Goodyear at substantial discounts off list price.

In fact, we guarantee that you won't find lower prices on the tires we sell. If you do, we'll meet that price and beat it by 10%. That's our "Meet or Beat" Guarantee!

P.S. This week only, buy four Michelin tires of any type and we'll ship them to you FREE!

Thank you again for visiting our web store.

Don't send a lifeless blurb—even if it does come from an autoresponder. Welcome people and make them feel you care about them. Make them feel they're valued, and offer a special deal to prove it.

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