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Try to answer the following questions before looking at the “Answers” section that follows.


  1. What is an onClick event handler?

    1. An object that detects the mouse’s location in the browser
    2. A script that executes in response to the user clicking the mouse
    3. An HTML element that the user can click
  2. How many <script> elements are permitted on a page?

    1. None
    2. Exactly one
    3. Any number
  3. Which of these is NOT a true statement about variables?

    1. Their names are case sensitive.
    2. They can contain numeric or non-numeric information.
    3. Their names may contain spaces.


  1. b. An onClick event handler is a script that executes when the user clicks the mouse.
  2. c. You can use as many <script> elements as you need.
  3. c. Variable names in JavaScript must not contain spaces.
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