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Some Typical Errors in Identifying ILFs and EIFs

  • Various iterations of the same file (such as multiple months, quarters, years, quartiles, payment types, and insurance types) are only records within the same ILF or EIF and should not be counted as separate ILFs or EIFs.

  • JCL, trigger files, and static tables should not be counted; count only maintained dynamic data.

  • Extract files, or view files, that contain data extracted from other ILFs or EIFs prior to display should not be counted; the source of the data is counted, and the external output or external inquiry is counted.

  • Files introduced because of technology should not be counted.

  • Alternative indices, joins, relationships, or connections should not be counted unless they contain additional and separately maintained nonkey attributes.

  • Backup data used for backup and recovery should not be counted.

  • Incoming files and outgoing files are typically EIs, EOs, or EQs, and not ILFs; an EI can create an ILF.

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