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Procurement: Present and Future

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E-procurement becomes the catalyst that will allow companies to finally integrate their supply chains from end to end and from sales to supplier; with shared pricing, availability, and performance data that will allow buyers and suppliers to work to optimum and mutually beneficial prices and schedules. This article, excerpted from e-Procurement: From Strategy to Implementation (Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2001, ISBN: 0130914118) looks at a typical organization’s approach to procurement.
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In order to appreciate both the need for e-procurement and why it is so revolutionary, it is only necessary to look at a typical organization's approach to procurement.

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Today, most companies still have shelves filled with well-thumbed (and often out-of-date) paper catalogs provided to them by the vendor. These are available only to those with direct access (i.e., usually central purchasing) and often require multiple calls and semi-confused conversations between users and the purchasing specialist, and then many other calls to the several suppliers in order to resolve issues on price, availability, and delivery times.

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