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Learning in a Global Environment

Part of the new thinking that is required for organizational success today is to become a learning organization. Changing customer expectations requires that companies respond. With the pace of change, this learning has become more crucial.

In a global economy, it is absolutely critical that the information gathered have a global approach. You must learn from the best practices around the globe.

Being a global learning organization requires that everyone be included. It is an organization-wide commitment. This does not just involve management. And, you are responsible for ensuring that all your employees become committed to learning. This learning must be more self-directed now. Perpetual learning is the goal.

It also means that each member of the firm transfer the learning. That is, as you learn from the best practices around the globe, you must apply it to the workplace. The application of this knowledge is the key to improved performance. A global learning organization also builds a better, more knowledgeable worker.

Continuous learners consider the impact of change in an international perspective. As a manager, you must reward learning and publicize those who are meeting the challenge.

Just a Minute

The official Web site of many countries provides information on the customs and ways of conducting business in their country. The State Department also provides insight, including political risk concerning doing business. Some of the larger accounting firms also have booklets available to help people understand, doing business in different countries.

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