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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Code Editors

Code editors for creating i-mode pages are a step above simple text editors. They have built-in support for including elements and attributes of the language to allow developers a simple way of including markup within a document. Macromedia Homesite for Windows and PageSpinner for Macintosh are good examples of code editors.

In addition to the functions of simple text editors, code editors usually include the following features:

  • A toolbar to allow you to easily select and insert common tags. Some editors even include tools such as a color chooser for background and text colors, and a table generator or wizard for easily laying out a table for your page.

  • Auto-complete to automatically change an abbreviation into a complete tag or string of text.

  • A default document template that to include common elements when you create a new document.

  • Color coding of elements and attributes to make it easier to view your i-mode document while editing.

  • Preview mode in a Web browser for reviewing your document without leaving the editor. This can be integrated into the editor or simply the ability to launch a specified browser with the content of the page you're editing.

  • FTP for uploading your file, or directory of files, to an FTP server. Some code editors will even support remote editing of documents on a Web server via FTP.

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