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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating Wallpaper and Screensaver Images

Displaying original wallpaper that you created yourself is one of the most interesting aspects of owning a mobile phone. You can design you own wallpaper backgrounds by using existing photos and graphics, and simply resizing and manipulating the image in a graphics packages like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks.

When you go about creating original images for i-mode wallpaper and screensavers, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind:

  • Image Types - DoCoMo i-mode handsets only support GIF images for wallpaper and backgrounds. This may change in the future, and other operators may support JPEG or PNG images -- so check with your own provider, and always keep up with the latest information about handsets and service operators.

  • Image Dimensions - the handset display will determine the dimensions of an image for your wallpaper and screensavers. Images smaller than the display will show a blank border around the edges. Some handsets can automatically resize larger images to fit your screen, but this often will degrade the quality. Therefore, developing an image with the exact screen dimensions will let you fill the entire display without loss of quality.

  • Image Content - like the background wallpaper of your desktop computer, content is a very individual choice. Some people like a wild design, others like a photo of their girlfriend, and still others like a simple discrete pattern or flat color. Handsets often have a number of icons and indicators located on the display, so choose an image style that you like, but one that won't distract from the function of your phone.

  • File Size - wallpaper and screensavers are limited to the memory size of the i-mode handset. Many handsets are limited to 5K, but others have the ability to download and display images of 10K or more. This will depend on your particular handset.

  • Animation - screensavers, and sometimes even wallpaper, can be animated GIF files. However, these are subject to limitations regarding i-mode animations, such as frame rate and looping limitations.

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