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Gathering Information Used During the Installation

During the setup process, you answer questions regarding your organization and the Exchange 2000 Server. Because some of the information can be changed only by reinstalling the Exchange 2000 Server, review the naming schemes that will be used for the message system and confirm that they are set.

You should have the following information before you begin the installation process:

  • An organization name

  • The Exchange 2000 Server site name

  • The role that the Exchange 2000 Server you are installing will play in the organization (Are you making a new site or joining an existing one?)

  • The Windows 2000 Server Administrator account name and password.

  • The name of the Exchange 2000 Server administrations group, if you are joining an existing Exchange 2000 Server.

  • Service account for current or existing site.

When designing the naming scheme for the Exchange 2000 Server message system, use logical names with information relative to the end users and IS administrators. Because of the nature of mail system standards, these names are case-sensitive. To avoid confusion, check each name you enter before continuing; these names are used throughout the entire message system.

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