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As you might imagine, security in a mobile environment is paramount to the success of mobile commerce. Currently, the analyst predictions look to outstrip the realities of the marketplace, due in large part to wireless technologies' failings in the area of security. The Gartner Group has predicted that more than 40% of all C2B e-commerce transactions will occur via a WAP phone by the year 2004. These transactions could take place in a wide variety of scenarios. Bluetooth-enabled devices could securely interact with a credit card machine at the point of purchase. Wireless ads pushed to your device may prompt you to buy a discounted item by simply clicking an OK button. Comparison-shopping services on your bar code–enabled device will allow you to quickly find better deals near your current location or on the Internet at large. Clearly, the opportunity is huge. Let's take a look at some of the technologies being developed to keep your data secure.

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