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Introduction to the New Pebble Time Smart Watch

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Jason R. Rich, author of iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks, takes a look at the all-new, second generation Pebble Time smart watch. Like Apple Watch, which is priced much higher, Pebble Time is designed to work in conjunction with the iPhone.
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When the original Pebble smart watch was first announced in 2012, it was introduced as a concept that the inventors needed to raise funds in order to build. They turned to crowd funding via Kickstarter.com, and quickly became the online service’s biggest success story, after raising more than $10 million.

Since then, Pebble has sold more than one million first generation smart watches, but has also been focusing on innovative ways to improve upon the product. In late March 2015, Pebble completed a second crowd funding campaign in preparation for the launch of its second-generation smart watch, called Pebble Time. This time, the company quickly raised in excess of $20.3 million, thanks to almost 79,000 crowd funding backers.

Figure 1: The new Pebble Time smart watch has a full-color e-paper display.

Pebble Time Offers Greatly Expanded Features and Functions

Within days after announcing Pebble Time, hundreds of third-party app developers began developing cutting-edge apps for this new smart watch, which boasts a full color e-paper display and a seven day battery life. It also contains a built-in microphone, accelerometer, can communicate wirelessly with a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and it runs using a re-designed operating system (Pebble OS).

Plus, in addition working in conjunction with the iPhone, as does the Apple Watch, the new water resistant Pebble Time smart watch works seamlessly with Android 4.0+ compatible mobile devices, including popular smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, and Motorola.

While Pebble smart watch enthusiast will definitely appreciate the full-color display and the extended battery life, the unit itself is also 20 percent thinner than the original Pebble, and is more ergonomically designed. As a result, it’s more comfortable to wear during a workout, while engaged in high-intensity land or water-based activities, or under the sleeve of a dress shirt.

The display offers a backlight, so it can easily be viewed in bright sunlight, or in the darkest of areas. The Pebble Time’s dimensions are 47mm (long) by 49mm (wide) by 9.5mm (thick), and with the silicone band, the entire watch weights just 42.5 grams.

Pebble Time is vastly superior to its predecessor, and is designed to complete head-on with Apple Watch, but it offers a less expensive smart watch option. It costs just $199.00, and is available in three housing and watchstrap colors (black, white and red).

Figure 2: The Pebble Time comes in three colors – black, white and red.

A higher-end version of the Pebble Time watch, called the Pebble Time Steel ($299.00), will offer a stainless steel housing and band, and will begin shipping in July. This version of the Pebble Time watch will initially be available in silver (with a stone leather band), gunmetal black (with a black leather band), and gold (with a red leather band).

Keep in mind, while the appearance of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel watches are different, the technology, display and operating system built into both models are the same.

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