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Tellme Studio

Tellme Studio was the original online VoiceXML development portal and is a very advanced site. If you're not familiar with Tellme, you can access their corporate portal by dialing 1-800-555-TELL. Once you've set up a user account at Tellme Studio, you're presented with the screen shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Tellme Studio main screen.

The primary "editor" within the Studio is the Scratchpad box in the middle of the screen. Entering your VoiceXML code into this box and selecting Update causes your code to be processed by the Tellme application platform. If your code has errors, you can be sure that you'll be prompted, in detail. Once the Studio gives your code the okay with a message that says "Your change was successful," you're ready to test your code. To do so, you can use the VoiceXML Terminal application. The Terminal is a Java applet that allows you to test your application without using a telephone. Note that input you make into the Terminal is case-sensitive. For instance, in our sample, it's necessary to enter "stocks," not "Stocks." To test the application, call 1-800-555-VXML and enter your Studio user ID and password.

Tellme Studio includes a Record By Phone tool that allows the developer to record prompts over the telephone. Once completed, these audio files will be emailed to you for use in your VoiceXML application. Tellme Studio also comes complete with code, grammar, and audio libraries to maximize code reuse and enable you to build a great sounding app.

One really cool thing about Tellme Studio is the ability to create an "extension," which is a publicly available version of your application. Extensions are free for developers and consumers. The only catch is that everyone has to enter your application through the Tellme portal, which may not be professional enough, depending on your requirements.

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