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Launch Into Citrix Certified Sales Professional

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Changing careers? Here’s a certification that can build your confidence, introduce you to Citrix technology, and give you a good foundation to grow on: Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP). It’s pretty cool stuff, and this article by Joseph Phillips shows you why this certification is an excellent place to launch your new career.
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Are you changing careers? Tired of living the life of a car salesman, electrician, factory worker, or baker? As a trainer, I’ve met others just like you. Your Mondays might as well be Thursdays because they all seem the same, anyway. Your Wednesdays are like a Dilbert comic strip.

So, what now? You’re looking to fulfill some of the missing jobs in the tech world. And what does your favorite Devil’s Advocate say to keep you down: yeah, yeah, yeah—the economy has cooled off, the tech industry is reeling, and every interview is like a fist to the gut. On top of those pieces of dismal news, you’re looking for a new certification—or even your first certification.

If this is all about you, or even if it’s not, here’s a certification that can build your confidence, introduce you to Citrix technology, and give you a good foundation to grow on: Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP). Citrix, in case you’ve never heard of it, allows clients to run applications on a server, over the network, from their computer terminals. All the processing happens on the server and all the interaction happens at the client’s desktop. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Still, I can hear some of you now. "Sales? What are you, freakin’ nuts? Salespeople are below me. I don’t want to sell, I want to implement, design, and make stuff happen."

Okay. Take a deep breath, calm down, and hear me out. First of all, consider what Robert Louis Stevenson said, "We all live by selling something."

I can hear you again: "I don’t sell anything. I bake bread. I put brakes on cars. I change diapers." All of those duties are the end result of you selling something: your time, your knowledge, and your care. As a career-changer, you have to do what every career columnist says, "Sell yourself." This certification will teach you how to sell and give you a technology foundation to build on.

Why the CCSP title? Why not hop into the Microsoft world and earn the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) title? For starters, there are tons of MCPs and MCSEs, so separate yourself from the pack! Second, if you’re new to the tech world, this title can introduce you to some emerging technologies. Third, this title will help you learn not only Citrix technology, but also how to sell. That’s something you can keep for years and use in your interviews.

Still with me? Good.

So what does it take to earn this title? You have to pass the Citrix Sales Professional exam. Oooh, scary. Not really. It’s a Web-based exam you can take; see http://www.ccsp.net.

What Does this Title Mean?

A Citrix Certified Sales Professional can present Citrix solutions to prospective customers. You’ll learn what Citrix is and why it’s so great. On top of that fun, you’ll also learn how to convey that information to clients.

As a career changer, the CCSP allows you to ease into the IT world like you’re easing into a hot bath. You’ll learn nomenclature, technology basics, and how to sell Citrix solutions. I recommend you knock out this exam and then consider certifications that are even more technical in nature.

What will you be tested on?

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