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From the author of Browsing Anonymously in Incognito Mode

Browsing Anonymously in Incognito Mode

All Web browsers, Chrome included, keep a record of every Web page you visit, in the background, without your knowledge or explicit approval. That's fine, but every now and then, you might browse some Web pages that you don't want tracked.

If you want or need to keep your browsing private, Google Chrome offers what it calls Incognito mode. In this special mode (actually, a separate browser window), the pages you visit aren't saved to your browser's history file, cookies aren't saved, and your activity is basically done without any record being kept.

To enter Incognito mode, click the Chrome button and select New Incognito window. This opens a new window with a little spy icon in the upper-left corner next to the first tab, as shown in Figure 7. When you're done with your private browsing, just close the Incognito window, and no one will be the wiser.

Figure 7 Google Chrome in Incognito mode

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