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From the author of Bookmarking Pages

Bookmarking Pages

In Google Chrome, you keep track of your favorite Web pages via the use of bookmarks. You can bookmark the pages you want to return to in the future and display your bookmarks in a bookmarks bar that appears just below Google Chrome's Omnibox. (If you have more bookmarks than can fit in the width of the browser window, the bookmarks bar displays a double arrow on the far-right side; click this double arrow to display the additional bookmarks in a drop-down menu.)

The bookmarks bar should be displayed by default. If it isn't displayed, click the Chrome (three bar) button, select Bookmarks, and then check Show Bookmarks Bar. Uncheck this option to hide the bookmarks bar.

If you have bookmarks or favorites in another Web browser, you can import them into Google Chrome. Click the Chrome button and select Bookmarks, Import Bookmarks and Settings. When the Import Bookmarks and Settings dialog box appears, pull down the From list and select the browser you're importing from.

Check the items you want to import: Browsing History, Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved passwords, or Search Engines; then click the Import button. Your bookmarks and settings from the selected browser are now imported into Google Chrome.

To add a new bookmark, navigate to a given Web page and then click the Bookmark This page (star) icon in the Omnibox. Chrome now displays the Bookmark dialog box, shown in Figure 4; edit the name of the bookmark if you want and then pull down the Folder list to determine where you want to save this bookmark. Click the Done button to save the bookmark.

Figure 4 Bookmarking a Web page in Google Chrome

You can then use Chrome's Bookmark Manager to organize your bookmarks into folders and subfolders that branch off from the bookmarks bar, as well as in other folders on the same level as the bookmarks bar. Click the Chrome button and select Bookmarks, Bookmark Manager. The Bookmark Manager then displays in a new browser tab. The folders and subfolders of bookmarks are displayed in the left navigation pane; the individual bookmarks are displayed in the right pane.

To change the order of bookmarks in a folder, click and drag that bookmark to a new position. To list a folder's bookmarks in alphabetical order, select the folder, click Organize on the menu bar, and then select Reorder By Title. To move a bookmark to a different folder, drag and drop that bookmark onto the new folder.

To create a new folder or subfolder, click Organize on the menu bar and select Add Folder. To rename a folder, select that folder, click Organize on the menu bar, select Rename, and then enter a new name for the folder.

To delete a bookmark, select that bookmark, click Organize on the menu bar, and then select Delete.

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