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From the author of Basic Browsing

Basic Browsing

Using Google Chrome to browse the Web is similar to using any other Web browser. Just type a Web page's address (URL) into the Omnibox at the top of the browser window, as shown in Figure 2. As you start typing, Google suggests both possible queries and Web pages you are likely to visit. Select the page you want from the drop-down list or finish typing your URL. Google Chrome now navigates to and displays the page you entered.

Figure 2 Entering a URL into Chrome's Omnibox

To refresh the current Web page, click the Reload This Page button to the left of the Omnibox. To return to the previously viewed page, click the Back button. To move forward again, click the Forward button.

By the way, if the text on a given Web page is too small for you to read, Chrome lets you zoom into (or out of) the page. Click the Chrome (three bar) button in the top-right corner, go to the Zoom section, and click + to enlarge the page. (Or click – to make the page smaller.) Click the Fullscreen button to display the page's contents full-screen on your computer display; press F11 to return to the normal browser window.

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