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From the author of Enhancing Chrome with Extensions

Enhancing Chrome with Extensions

You can add functionality to Chrome by adding extensions to the browser. An extension is a small software program that is loaded into the browser itself and runs in the background.

For example, the AdBlock Pro extension blocks annoying video ads on the pages you visit. The Weather extension adds a Weather icon to the address bar you can click to view full weather conditions and forecasts. The Google Translate extension adds a button you can click to translate foreign-language Web pages. And so on.

To find and install extensions, click the Chrome button to display the Settings page. Click Extensions in the navigation sidebar; then scroll down and click Get More Extensions. This takes you to the Chrome Web Store, with the Extensions section selected, as shown in Figure 10. Find and click the extension you want; then click the Free button.

Figure 10 Browsing for extensions in the Chrome Web Store

To manage your extensions, click the Chrome button to display the Settings page and then click Extensions in the navigation sidebar. All your installed extensions display. To disable an extension, uncheck the Enabled box; recheck the box to enable the extension. To delete an extension from your computer, click the Remove from Chrome (trashcan) icon.

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