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Use Reading Aids

Speaking of the Reading Aids screen, you can open it by tapping anywhere on the page that isn’t highlighted. (If you tap a highlighted section of text, the pop-up editing menu appears.) The page you’re currently viewing appears as an entire page in the center of the screen, as shown in Figure 6. Above the page you see the chapter title, the page number you’re on, and the number of pages in the book.

Figure 6

Figure 6 The 1/384 text above the page you’re currently viewing tells you that you’re reading page 1 of a 384-page book.

To the left and right of the current page you see the previous and next page as truncated pages. Swipe to the left and right on the screen to move back and forth between pages. As you do, the cover and page information changes above each page. If you want to read the page on the main reading screen, tap the page.

Below the page you see a slider bar, so you can jump to different pages in the book; move to a different page by tapping and holding the slider button and swiping back and forth. You can return to the current page you’re reading in the main reading screen by tapping the thumbnail-sized image (and highlighted in a blue box) above the slider bar.

The title and author of the book appears at the top of the screen. You can return to the Read Now screen in the app by tapping the left arrow icon to the left of the title and author information. Four icons appear at the upper-right area of the screen (refer to Figure 6) so you can perform tasks, change settings, and change how the book looks on the screen. These icons, as they appear from left to right, are Search, Chapters, Style, and Menu.

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