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Like this article? We recommend

Finding Local Information

The Maps app enables you to locate places of interest and retrieve information, such as addresses, hours of operation, and phone numbers for those places. You can use Local to pinpoint the exact locations of restaurants, bars, ATMs, gas stations, and more, or you can create a new location, such as a pharmacy or hospital.

  1. Enter an address into the Search field as you learned to do earlier earlier in this article. The street map with the highlighted route appears on the screen.
  2. Tap the Search field.
  3. The most recent place you searched appears at the top of the list underneath the Search field. You can display a list of related establishments in and around that place by tapping the category icon in the Nearby Places icon bar, as shown in Figure 12. For this example, I tapped the Restaurants icon (on the far-left side of the icon bar) to find restaurants.

    Figure 12

    Figure 12. The Nearby Places icon bar appears below the list of addresses you’ve searched for in the Recent History list.

  4. After a few seconds, you see a list of restaurants in the area. The street map of the area at the top of the screen, as shown in Figure 13, shows various restaurants highlighted on the map. A list of restaurants in the area appears below the map.

    Figure 13

    Figure 13. Restaurant pins on the street map contain fork and knife icons, and some of the pins have names associated with them.

  5. Swipe up and down the list to view all the results. Each tile in the list contains the name of the restaurant, the type of restaurant, and the distance to your location. Some tiles may include more information such as aggregated reviews from other Google Maps users and if the restaurant is open today.
  6. When you want to find more information about an establishment, tap the appropriate tile in the list.
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