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2.33 Generating Successive Strings

On rare occasions, we may want to find the “successor” value for a string; for example, the successor for "aaa" is "aab" (then "aad", "aae", and so on).

Ruby provides the method succ (successor) for this purpose:

droid = "R2D2"
improved  = droid.succ         # "R2D3"
pill  = "Vitamin B"
pill2 = pill.succ              # "Vitamin C"

We don’t recommend the use of this feature unless the values are predictable and reasonable. If you start with a string that is esoteric enough, you will eventually get strange and surprising results.

There is also an upto method that applies succ repeatedly in a loop until the desired final value is reached:

"Files, A".upto "Files, X" do |letter|
  puts "Opening: #{letter}"

# Produces 24 lines of output

Again, we stress that this is not used frequently, and you use it at your own risk. In addition, there is no corresponding “predecessor” function.

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