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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating Layer Masks

A Layer Mask is a way to mask areas of a layer so that only certain areas of the layer’s image display. This layer works only with bitmap images, so vector images cannot be used to create a masking area. You learn about vector image shapes in Chapter 10. You use the Brush and the Eraser tools to define your mask areas. You do this based on colors:

  • Paint white on all areas you want to be visible.
  • Paint black on all areas you want to be hidden.
  • Use shades of gray for areas to apply a transparency.

A quick way to choose white is to use the Web hexadecimal equivalent of #FFFFFF or the black hexadecimal equivalent of #000000.

  1. Open a photo that has multiple layers in the Photo Editor.
  2. Click the Expert mode.
  3. Click to select the layer that you want to attach a mask.
  4. Click the Add a Mask button.

  5. A layer mask is created for the selected layer. To define the mask area, make sure the Mask thumbnail is selected.

  6. Click the Color Picker foreground color.

  7. Click a color of black, white, or a shade of gray. You can click in the Hexadecimal box and type a hexadecimal equivalent.
  8. Click OK to close the Color Picker.

  9. Click the Brush tool from the toolbox.
  10. Set your Brush settings. (This topic is covered in Chapter 10.)
  11. Click and drag to paint your mask area.
  12. Repeat steps 5–11 to continue to develop your mask.
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