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Configuring Exchange 2000 Server. Types of Servers include Mailbox, Public Folder, Gateway, Virtual, Chat, and Instant Messaging

As you can tell by this exam objective, Exchange 2000 is robust. You'll need to know how to configure and work with each of these server types to pass this objective. Messaging and collaboration for each server type is paramount.

You will need to know how (and why) to create administrative groups for your Exchange server. Each server type will need to be tweaked slightly differently to optimize performance, storage, and logging parameters. And how will you diagnose and resolve problems specific to each server type? Knowledge of RAID arrays and how they can improve performance is essential.

Security for your servers is crucial in any network. This exam objective includes security issues such as v.3 certificates, Digest authentication for Instant Messaging, Certificate Trusts Lists, virtual servers and firewall access, and the Key Management Service.

Within your Exchange Server structure, you will need to be able to plan and create a public folder solution. This includes integration with AD, the storage attributes of the folder, and creating multiple public folder trees.

Study Hint:

Install and configure each type of Server listed in the exam objective. This is a big exam, and you'll need hands-on experience to pass.

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