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Discovering What Your Friends and Family Are Up To on Facebook

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In this chapter from My Facebook for Seniors, 2nd Edition, discover how to read and respond to your friends’ status updates in your Facebook News Feed.
This chapter is from the book

After you’ve added someone to your Facebook friends list, you’ll be kept up to date on what that person is doing and thinking. Everything that person posts to Facebook—text updates, photos, videos, you name it—automatically appears in your News Feed.

Viewing Updates in the News Feed

Facebook’s News Feed is where you keep abreast of what all your friends are up to. When a person posts a status update to Facebook, it appears in your personal News Feed.

Display the News Feed

You can easily get to the News Feed from anywhere on the Facebook site, using the ever-present toolbar at the top of every Facebook page.

  • 1.jpg From the Facebook toolbar, click the Home button.
  • 2.jpg The News Feed displays in the center of the page. Note that in the navigation sidebar (left-side menu), the top item, News Feed, is selected. If you later choose to display other content (by clicking an item in the sidebar), you can return to the News Feed by clicking News Feed in the sidebar.
  • 3.jpg The News Feed lists what Face-book deems to be your most relevant or interesting posts at the top. Scroll down to view additional posts.

Display Most Recent Posts

By default, your News Feed displays what Facebook calls your Top Stories. These may not actually be the items you’re most interested in, or even the most recent posts from your friends. You can, however, change the News Feed to display your friends’ most recent posts.

  • 1.jpg In the Facebook toolbar, click Home to display your home page and News Feed.

  • 2.jpg To display the most recent posts, move to the navigation sidebar, click the down arrow next to the News Feed item, and then click Most Recent.
  • 3.jpg To redisplay the most important posts, click the down arrow next to the News Feed item in the sidebar, and then click Top Stories.

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