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Deleting Multiple Records

FileMaker Pro also provides a command for deleting multiple records at one time. The command, located under the Records menu, displays differently depending on the current set of records that you are viewing.

If you are viewing all the records in the table, the command is listed as Delete All Records. Otherwise, it is listed as Delete Found Records.

If you select either of those commands, a dialog box displays and asks whether you really want to delete the records. The message in the dialog box also differs depending on the set of records being viewed. If you are about to delete all records in the table, the message reads, “Permanently delete ALL N records?” (where N is the total number of records in the table; see Figure 4.3). Otherwise, it reads “Permanently delete ALL N records in the current found set?” (where N is the number of records in the found set).


FIGURE 4.3 The dialog box that displays when you choose to delete multiple records at the same time.

If you are certain that you want to delete the records, click the Delete All button. Otherwise, click Cancel.

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