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Is Roamio for You?

If you’re a cable subscriber (and happy with it), then you don’t watch any OTA programming via antenna, and you don’t need Roamio’s OTA capabilities. (That said, you still may want to check out one of the higher-priced Roamio boxes to replace your cable box with something more functional.)

If, however, you’ve completely cut the cable cord, then Roamio OTA is perfect for you. You get reception and recording of all your local OTA channels, smoothly integrated with your favorite web-based streaming video services in one unobtrusive little box. The way Roamio combines broadcast programming with Internet programming is genius; it’s much, much better than switching between multiple devices and services and searching the web for the program you want to watch. Everything’s all in one place, on one device, and easily navigated. And, for just $50 (plus the $14.95 monthly subscription, of course), you can’t beat the price.

Roamio OTA is the set top box that cable cutters have been waiting for. Once you get it all set up, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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