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Component Interface

A server component's interface is made up of the objects it exposes, along with the properties, methods, and events for those objects. This interface is all the client code that uses the component needs to know about, and it is the stuff you can see when you open the Object Browser in the Visual Basic IDE and select a referenced component. The sample DHO exposes only two types of objects, and we defined a small set of functionality they must provide, so we can now define their interfaces, as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 The DHO Component's Interface





Public Sub Delete(ByVal lPublisher As clsPublisher)

Removes a Publisher from the Publishers table.

Public Sub Insert(ByVal lPublisher As clsPublisher)

Inserts a Publisher into the Publishers table.

Public Function Fetch(ByVal lPubID As Long) As clsPublisher

Retrieves a Publisher from the Publishers table.

Public Sub Update(ByVal lPublisher As clsPublisher)

Updates a Publisher in the Publishers table.

Public Function Search(ByVal lSearchString As String) As Collection

Returns a new collection containing a list of references to Publishers objects with a Name that matches the search criteria.





Public PubID As Long

Public Name As String

Public CompanyName As String

Public Address As String

Public City As String

Public State As String

Public Zip As String

Public Telephone As String

Public Fax As String

The data items stored in the Publishers table.





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