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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Clock Alarms

The advantage of using an alarm rather than a reminder is that an often-recurring alarm, like your morning wake-up call, or a reminder on when to pick up your child at school, won’t clutter up your Reminders list or calendar.

  1. Tap the Clock app.

  2. The main screen shows up to six clocks in any time zone you want. Tap a clock to have it fill the screen.
  3. Tap an empty clock to add a new city.
  4. Tap Edit to remove or rearrange the clocks.
  5. Tap Alarm to view and edit alarms.

  6. To add a new alarm, tap the + button.
  7. Select a time for the alarm.
  8. Select the days of the week for the alarm. Leaving it set to Never means you just want the alarm to be used once, as you might do if setting an alarm to wake you up early so you can catch a plane the next day. Otherwise, you can select from seven days of the week. So, you can set an alarm for Monday through Friday and leave out the weekend.
  9. Tap Label to give the alarm a custom name.
  10. Select a sound for the alarm. You can choose from preset sounds or your ringtone collection.
  11. Leave the Snooze switch on if you want the ability to use snooze when the alarm goes off.
  12. Tap Save to save all your settings and add the alarm.

  13. The alarm now appears in the special Clock calendar. This alarm was set for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so only those four days are indicated.
  14. You can switch off the alarm, while leaving it in the calendar for future use.
  15. Tap Edit on an alarm to edit or delete it.

  16. The alarm will sound and a message will appear when it is time. This will appear as a message in the middle of your screen. But even if your iPad is sleeping, it will wake up and display a message on the lock screen.
  17. If you’ve enabled snooze, tapping here will silence the alarm and try again in 9 minutes.
  18. To silence the alarm normally, assuming it has sounded while the iPad is asleep and locked, you need to swipe the lock switch. If the iPad was awake when the alarm went off, you simply get a button to tap.

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