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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Reminders

Reminders is a to-do list application available on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Macs. This app is for creating an ongoing list of tasks you need to accomplish or things you need to remember. These reminders can be similar to calendar events with times and alarms. Or, they can be simple items in a list with no time attached to them.

  1. Tap the Reminders icon on your Home screen.

  2. Select the list you want to add a new Reminder to.
  3. Tap in a new line to create a new reminder.
  4. Type the reminder and close the keyboard when done.
  5. Tap the i button next to the reminder to bring up the Details dialog. If you don’t see an i button, then tap any reminder item first.

  6. Tap here to edit the reminder.
  7. Slide the Remind me on a day switch to on to set a reminder alert.
  8. Set a time for the alert to occur.
  9. Add a note to the reminder if you want to include more details.
  10. Tap outside of the Details box when you are finished editing the reminder.

  11. Tap the button next to the reminder when you have completed the task. It will remain in the list temporarily.
  12. Tap Add List to add a new reminders list.
  13. Tap Show Completed to see completed reminders.
  14. You can also search for reminders by typing the title or something from the content.
  15. Tap Edit to remove reminders.

  16. Tap the red button next to a reminder to delete it.
  17. Tap and drag the right side of the reminders to re-order them.
  18. Tap Done when you are finished deleting and re-ordering the reminders.
  19. You can also delete the entire list before leaving editing mode.
  20. You can also share a Reminders list with another iCloud user before leaving editing mode. Tap Sharing, and you can add one or more people from your contacts or manually add people with their Apple ID. Shared Reminders lists will sync items to all people sharing it.

Reminders sync by using the iCloud service from Apple. So, they are automatically backed up and should also appear on your Mac in the Reminders app, if you have OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. And if you use an iPhone, they should appear there as well.

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