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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Calendar Event

Now that you have people in your Contacts app, you need to schedule some things to do with them. Let’s look at the Calendar app.

  1. Tap the Calendar app icon on the Home screen.

  2. Tap the + button at the upper right.
  3. Enter a title for the event.
  4. Enter a Location for the event, or skip this field.
  5. Tap the Starts field to bring up a control for setting the starting time.
  6. Tap the Ends field to bring up a control for setting the ending time for the event.
  7. If the event covers the entire day, or a series of days, then slide the All-day switch on. The Starts and Ends fields will now be dates only, and won’t include a specific time.
  8. Tap Repeat to set an event to repeat every day, week, 2 weeks, month, or year.

  9. Tap Invitees to send an email invitation to another person for this event, if your calendar system allows this. If you and the other person are both using iCloud, they will get a notification of the event and have the option to accept or decline. If they accept, the event will be added to their calendar. You will then be able to look at your event’s invitation list in this same location and see if they have accepted or declined.
  10. Tap Alert to set the time for a notification alert to appear. This can be at the time of the event, or before the event, such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or even as much as a week before.
  11. In addition, if you set Travel Time, your alert will be adjusted so you have enough time to get to the event’s location.
  12. Tap Add to complete the event.

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