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Gluttony: Is It Bigger Than 60KB?

That pretty graphic on your home page that takes several minutes to load? Get rid of it. People want simplicity over cool graphics. Faster loading is better than eye candy. If your total page size is more than 60KB, put it on a diet. In fact, most designers agree that a page should not be more than 48KB—and that includes graphics.

If you're selling products on your web site, there's no getting around the need for product shots. If you need to place a lot of product shots on a page, use thumbnails (miniature pictures). If the shopper wants to see a larger version of the product, he or she can click the small version and be sent to a web page that contains only that product, along with a detailed description and buy button.

Get this: To create a good customer experience, use graphics only when they serve the customer's goals.

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