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Don’t Give Mobile Users the “Mobile Treatment”

Mobile users may be on a mobile device, but that doesn’t mean that they want less of what you have to offer. A common mistake with many designs is that the mobile user is given the “simplified” or “mobile treatment.” This is an unfortunate mistake that confuses and causes users to become frustrated with your site.

Mobile devices have different size screens, but that doesn’t mean you should remove all of the features or information for smaller screens. Users will generally expect to be able to perform the same tasks on a mobile device that they can do on a desktop browser.

If you find that your design cannot be reorganized and that features or information must be cut, make sure that you add a way for a user to still access that information. Consider using alternate solutions such as:

  • An accordion drawer
  • Off-screen navigation
  • A new content section that appears in a modal or similar window solution
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