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Printing a Message

Most people read their emails onscreen and store them online. You might, however, want to print a hard copy of a given email message. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the original message, click the Print All icon at the top right of the message.
  2. This opens the Print panel, shown in Figure 4.5. This panel displays a preview of the printed message, along with controls for configuring the printout.

    FIGURE 4.5

    FIGURE 4.5 Printing an email message.

  3. In the Destination section, make sure that the desired printer is selected. If not, click the Change button and select a different printer.
  4. In the Pages section, select which specific pages to print, or select All to print all pages of the message.
  5. In the Copies section, select how many copies to print.
  6. Make any other changes as necessary, and then click the Print button.
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