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Introduction to HBase, the NoSQL Database for Hadoop: Programming HBase with Java

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The first article in this series (“Introduction to HBase”) presented HBase, also known as the Hadoop database and described how to set up a local environment and manipulate data using the HBase shell. This article continues by demonstrating how to interact with HBase using Java. You learn how to put data into HBase, get data out of HBase, delete data from HBase, and how to perform a table scan to extract a range of records. Finally, you see how to set up an HBase project using Maven.
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The first of three articles, “Introduction to HBase,” presents HBase as a NoSQL database that runs on top of Hadoop as a distributed and scalable big data store that supports both real-time key/value queries as well as offline MapReduce jobs. It describes how HBase maintains and organizes its data and then helps you set up a local HBase environment and execute commands from the shell. This second article shows you how to set up a development environment and interact with HBase from a Java application. HBase is written in Java and provides a robust API that enables you to accomplish everything that you can from the shell—and more!

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