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Running the Setup Wizard in Your Samsung Galaxy S5

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In this chapter from My Samsung Galaxy S5 for Seniors, you learn how to set up your Samsung Galaxy S5, including running the Setup Wizard, darkening and restoring the display, and setting a screen timeout interval.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The first time the phone is turned on (and after a Factory Data Reset), the setup wizard automatically launches and displays its Welcome screen. You can respond to its prompts to set up some essential services, such as creating or signing in to a Google account and Samsung account, configuring your Wi-Fi settings, and adding an email account.

Run the Setup Wizard

The pages referenced in this task explain how to establish these basic settings manually—without the wizard’s assistance.

  • 1.jpgOn the wizard’s opening screen, select a default language. (See the “Changing the Default Language” in Chapter 10 to manually choose a new default language.)
  • 2.jpgOptional: If you have hearing, vision, or dexterity issues, tap Accessibility to review or modify Accessibility settings, such as the size of the display font. To manually configure these settings, tap Settings, Accessibility.
  • 3.jpgTap Start (on the opening screen) or Next (on the Accessibility screen) to continue.

  • 4.jpgIf you have a Wi-Fi (wireless) home or business network, ensure that the Wi-Fi slider is On, select the network’s name, enter your network password (if any), and tap Connect. Tap Next to continue. (See “Connect to a New Wi-Fi Network,” in Chapter 8, for details.)

  • 5.jpgRead the End User License Agreement (EULA), and tap the I Understand… box.
  • 6.jpgRead the Consent to Provide Diagnostic and Usage Data information, select Yes or No Thanks, and tap Next.

  • 7.jpgA Google/Gmail account is essential for accessing a variety of Android services and apps with the Galaxy S5. Do one of the following:

    • If you already have a Google/ Gmail account and you’d like to register now, tap Yes and enter your account information (see “Registering Your Gmail Account,” in Chapter 7 for instructions).
    • If you’d like to create an account or would rather register an existing account later, tap No. Then tap Get an Account (see “Setting Up a Gmail Account,” in Chapter 7 for instructions) or Not Now, respectively.
  • 8.jpgSet Google location preferences by tapping check boxes. Tap Next.

  • 9.jpgPersonalize your phone by entering your name. Continue by tapping the right arrow icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • 10.jpgCertain Samsung apps require a free Samsung account. Do one of the following:

    • Tap Sign In if you already have a Samsung account that you’d like to register now. Enter the email address that you associated with the account and your Samsung password.
    • Tap Create Account if you’d like to create a Samsung account (see “Setting Up a Samsung Account,” in Chapter 7 for additional details).
    • Tap Skip to ignore this option.
  • 11.jpgOptional: Edit the name that will be used to identify the phone.
  • 12.jpgOptional: If you’re new to Android phones, you might want to enable Easy mode to present a simpler interface for your Galaxy S5 (see “Set the Home Screen Mode” in Chapter 2). Note, however, that instructions presented in this book assume that you’re using Standard mode rather than Easy mode.

  • 13.jpgTap Finish to dismiss the wizard. Depending on your carrier, additional options and dialog boxes may appear as the wizard configures your phone for initial use.

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