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The Power of Premium Evernote

Now that you’ve been given a brief introduction to Evernote, you’re probably wondering why a Premium account is so beneficial to the concept of the Ultimate iPad. Evernote certainly doesn’t add any additional storage space to your iPad—it’s even a consumer of storage space if you’re a Premium user and wish to use offline notebooks.

In the previous chapter, you saw how easy it is to collect all your files—documents, photos, videos, and so on—and make them available over the Internet using a cloud-based service or a device such as Pogoplug. If you can always access all your files (with an Internet connection), then where’s the benefit of storing your notes and attachments inside Evernote notes and notebooks? Consider the example earlier in this chapter where Jack and Janell were collecting information related to the remodeling of a room in their house.

Where Evernote shines is in its ability to collect dissimilar files—three photos, one audio recording, one video, two web URLs, a couple PDF brochures, and a simple text file containing a list of professional painters is one example of a collection found tucked away inside Jack and Janell’s Guest Room notebook. You can certainly store a mixed collection of files in Dropbox or in a folder on an external hard drive, but if you lose Internet access, those options are gone. A Premium user account combined with offline notebook access means you can store files that are important to you on your iPad and always have access to them.

And there are so many more benefits for Premium account users:

  • Sharing notes and notebooks with other users—You can give others access to add, edit, and delete notes and notebooks. (Free account users can invite others to view notes, but not edit them.)
  • PDF search—PDFs added to notes and stored in Evernote are scanned so you can search all your notebooks using keywords.
  • Increased note size—One note can be up to 100MB in size, as opposed to 25MB for Free accounts.
  • Emails forwarded into Notes—Free users can send up to 50 emails per day right into notebooks, but Premium users can forward up to 250 emails per day. (More on this in a moment.)
  • Huge monthly upload quota—Premium users can upload up to 1GB of data versus only 60MB for free users. Over 15 times the upload quota means you won’t have to worry about uploading videos, audio clips, and photos to your heart’s content.

Install Evernote on your computer, your mobile phone, and your iPad and you’ll always have access to those important files you wish to keep at hand.

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