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Cross-Selling and Growth Strategy

To meet this challenge, Hurbas thought he had to ensure the 10 Ps of successful analytics:

  • People—Hire top-tier people with specialized talent.
  • Passion—The team needs to display passion through creativity and innovation.
  • Predictability—Predictability of results leads to profitability.
  • Profitability—Profitability is required for investing in good times and sustainability in stressful times.
  • Proactive—Be proactive in identifying potential issues.
  • Precision—The solution needs to be executed with precision.
  • Power—Computing power has to be at the highest degree. In this case, Kakar allowed Hurbas to make maximum necessary investment into systems and hardware.
  • Partnership—Partnership across all functional teams is a critical success factor.
  • Progression—Customer progression has to be in line with their needs and life stage.
  • Pragmatism—The solution has to be pragmatic for simplicity of implementation.

To form the right partnerships, Hurbas worked closely with Mariam El Samny, head of marketing and products; Barlas Balabaner, operations and technology director; Guru Balakrishna, credit policy head; Raed Shomali, contact center head; Muzaffer Hamid, operations head; Pankaj Kundra, segment distribution head; Sanjay Kao, consumer business head; Shankar Balasubramania, collections head; Venu Parameshwar, CFO; and Raman Krishnan, chief risk officer. Dunia believed that without cross-functional participation, the best solutions would fail.

There would be no sitting still in the UAE market for Dunia. In the emergency meeting, Hurbas heard loud and clear that the CEO wanted volumes increased. Hurbas was keenly aware that success relied on new ways of thinking. He believed the firm’s cross-sell model offered a competitive edge, but he wondered whether Dunia should explore providing credit cards to personal loan customers. Or would increasing efforts to gain new customers be a better plan? In either event, would the company need to double the size of its call center?

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