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Iron Man 3

The movie Iron Man 3 was a huge worldwide hit in 2013. Pirated versions of movies distributed on the Internet are a major problem for the movie industry, but they are also a major problem for consumers. I don’t condone buying cheap bootlegs of movies over the Internet; that is a crime. However, I understand that many people will be tempted to purchase or even get free what they think are pirated versions of popular movies. Identity thieves understand this too, which is why soon after the release of Iron Man 3 there were more than a hundred websites, not connected with the studio that produced Iron Man 3, claiming that they had copies of Iron Man 3 for purchase or free in some instances. These sites required you to download a file containing a video player. The problem is that by downloading this video player, you might have downloaded keystroke-logging malware along with or instead of the promised video player. This malware can steal all of your personal information from your computer, including credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and passwords, and turn you into a victim of identity theft.

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