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PointBase 4.0 Micro Edition

Companies such as IBM (DB2 Everywhere) and Microsoft (SQL Server CE) are also aggressively developing mobile databases for a variety of platforms. These products are all very capable and will be familiar to developers already working with either DB2 or SQL Server databases. I also wanted to introduce a newcomer to the enterprise database market: PointBase. PointBase was founded by Bruce Scott, who also co-founded Oracle with Larry Ellison (yes—he's the scott/tiger account for all you Oracle developers!). PointBase is unique because it's the first certified 100% pure Java database available for any platform with a Java 2 Standard Edition virtual machine (JVM). At JavaOne in June 2001, PointBase released the PointBase Micro product—a small-footprint (less than 45KB!) database designed for J2SE and J2ME environments. If the platform you're targeting includes a J2ME-compliant virtual machine, PointBase allows you to deploy a SQL database application. J2ME MIDP VMs are currently available for Win32, Palm OS, Windows CE, and Motorola IDEN phones.

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