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VI. Keep all production systems equal in the eyes of the IT staff.

From a hardware perspective, today's enterprise consists of mainframes, PC's, Macintoshes, workstations, servers, etc. You might be tempted to create separate support groups for each—wrong! Now don't misunderstand; you still need experts supporting different technologies, but providing an environment that promotes equal opportunity (the ability to easily cross-train) is crucial.

Don't build silos surrounding technologies. Your support team should be referred to as technical services (no more and no less), and all its staff members should be cross-trained on as many platforms as each can handle.

Separating support along technologies can result in inefficiencies, duplication of efforts (such as systems-management tools), political issues, poor communication, and awful morale. Today, when everyone is doing more with less, you need to get the most out of your staff.

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