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Analyzing Technical Requirements

This objective will call on your Windows 2000 technical skills. Critical thinking is needed because you'll be determining current network status versus a network expansion or upgrade. Active Directory issues such as distributed file system (DFS), sites, organizational units, and replication between sites will be covered.

You'll need a grasp on how to calculate bandwidth, monitor network usage, and react from gathered information to pass this portion of the exam. For example, how will the replication between two sites be effected based on the implementation of a dial on-demand connection versus a persistent connection? Which is most cost-effective, based on the size of an enterprise?

Refresh your memory on network services such as WINS, DNS, and DHCP—and how each acts with network operating systems other than Windows 2000. In conjunction with network services, know how these interact with clients such as Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, and 2000 Professional. How does an upgrade to a pure Windows 2000 network affect network services? For example, consider WINS and NetBIOS. We need WINS for older operating systems, whereas Windows 2000 can use DNS for name resolution.


Study Hint: Know how Windows 2000 DHCP and DNS can work together for dynamic updates and how this process can streamline network traffic.

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