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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Splitting Clips

Another useful feature iMovie offers is the ability to split a movie clip at any point in the video footage. This lets you take a very large movie clip and divide it into two clips. Then you can fine-tune the starting and ending frames through any of the techniques for trimming a clip covered earlier in this chapter.

  1. Click and select the movie clip that you want to divide into two clips in the movie timeline.

  2. Move your mouse pointer over the clip to display the skimmer, and skim through the video by moving the mouse pointer left or right. Position the skimmer at the frame in the video that you want to split the clip.

  3. Click to set the playhead at that frame.

  4. Right-click the clip in the movie timeline and choose Split Clip from the context menu.

Merge Movie Clips

You can merge clips, but you can’t do it in the movie timeline. To merge movie clips, you need to work in the Event Browser.

  1. Select the movie clips you want to merge by double-clicking a clip in the Event Browser and then hold the Command key on your keyboard while you click any other clips you want to merge.

  2. Select Edit, Connect. This connects the clips into one clip.

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