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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using the Contextual Menu

You can also access many of the operations reviewed in this chapter by using a contextual menu built in to iPhoto. To access this contextual menu, move your mouse over a photograph and right-click. (Optionally, you can click the tiny downward-facing arrowhead that appears in the lower-right corner of a photo.)

  • Rotate: Click this arrow to rotate the selected photo counterclockwise 90 degrees at a time. This is great for easily fixing photos to show right way up in the iPhoto Library.
  • Hide: This is another way to hide a photo. Simply click the orange X.
  • Trash: Click the trash can icon to move the photo to iPhoto’s trash.
  • Rating stars: Click and drag your mouse over these stars to rate the photo.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste: Click these commands to cut or copy the selected photo or paste a previously copied photo.
  • Show Event: If the photo is in an album, clicking this takes you to that photo’s event.
  • Make Key Photo: Click this command to make the selected photo an event’s key photo. You can read about key photos and events in Chapter 5, “Working with Events.”
  • Remove from Album: Click this command to remove the photo from the selected album.
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