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Making the Data Grid into a Product

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In this article, expert Web developer Bob Grogan takes the data grid from the last article and adds important functionality using JavaScript and DHTML, typical properties, and functionality associated with packaged controls.
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The Next Goal

In my previous article, "Making a <TABLE> into a Grid," I constructed a JavaScript object capable of accepting data in a specific array format. Rows can be selected and edited with updates to the data. Finally, the page refreshes associated with site navigation can be reduced by "paging" the HTML data.

While this could be viewed as a useful framework allowing developers to supply data to a page, rather than static HTML, there's still no real benefit afforded by the use of this object, other than a basic event-based model. In this installment, I'll extend the functionality to more closely resemble the behavior of a full data grid control. More importantly, I'll demonstrate strategies, so that you can do anything I've missed—or make it act differently, if you think I'm doing it wrong.

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