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Tip 5: Think Motivation M.A.G.I.C.

Take the following steps to continually work a bit of M.A.G.I.C. into your life:

  1. What the mind can believe, the mind can achieve. It starts with your own self-talk. Self-talk is your inner voice, the little voice that plays in our head 24/7. Be uplifting and think about the best you have to offer. I once heard it said that depending on our self-talk, we are either in the construction or destruction business.
  2. Attitude is everything! Our attitude is our choice, and sometimes it’s a challenge to stay positive. When our personal foundation is a good attitude, it lends strength to everything else we build on it.
  3. Set goals and go for them. Keep your eye on your dream and work hard to achieve it. Write down your goals and keep them somewhere you will see them.
  4. Have integrity in all you do. A great reputation takes time to develop and can be destroyed in seconds. Honesty is the first word in the dictionary of virtues. You start by being true to yourself and making promises you know you will keep.
  5. Care about others. Reach out to them. It is a sign of your inner strength when you take the first step to help someone. Make someone else’s life a little better—it comes back to you in ways unimaginable. That gratification is sure to lift your spirits.

Steve, another self-proclaimed introvert, ran into a high-powered executive at his global financial services firm. She suggested he stop by her office to catch up. He did not think she was really serious and felt too shy and uncertain to pursue the opportunity. They ran into each other on another occasion and, again, she suggested he visit her office. Yet again he failed to visit and did not even send a thank-you note because he did not want to appear intrusive or too pushy. Later at a meeting, she joined him and a colleague, who raved about Steve’s work. She replied, “Really? I can’t seem get him on my calendar!”

This time he took the cue and asked for her assistant’s name and immediately scheduled a meeting. When they finally met, the meeting went well, and they have continued a regular dialogue since. Now Steve is able to bring his ideas to one of the highest levels of the firm.

What did he realize from this experience? Follow up immediately, always send a thank-you note, and do not “self-negotiate” one’s way out of an opportunity to make a connection.

Have a goal and an action plan for every encounter. This is a huge advantage for someone with a consistent networking-aware mind. You’ll be prepared and ready to follow up easily and efficiently. I leave my home daily with a specific goal for meeting or nurturing my working network and for each meeting I have planned. I am then ready to follow up with every serendipitous encounter, as well as those I have planned in advance. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Set a positive intention daily to build and nurture your network.

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