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Tip 11: Things to Do

Keep your “to-do” list short and do the items on it. This way, you will have a sense of accomplishment. I keep my list on an app on my phone. We all have fantastic systems right in our hand to help us keep track of things. Some items can and will be put on hold. I like to keep my list short and to the point.

Set aside chunks of time to do the tasks. Batch your emails, calls, texts, and LinkedIn communications and even your note-writing time. It is amazing what you can accomplish in only 10 to 15 minutes of productive time. I have known people who have mastered a new language by studying only 15 minutes a day consistently over time. Until you have done it, don’t disbelieve it!

Here are my friend Lawrence Peters’ thoughts about the courtesy of replying to an email:

  • “In our fast-paced world, often the reality is that people don’t reply and leave us hanging. Take the time to quickly hit Reply and at least give a status if you don’t have the full information. Sometimes it is easier to pick up the phone—the main goal is that if someone requires an answer, reply to them as soon as you can.”
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