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Outputs from Development

The outputs from database application development include the following:

  • Architecture. An architecture is the high-level plan or strategy for building an application. For example, you may want to deliver an application with distributed computing or a distributed database. You can partition a large application into smaller components.

  • Models. A model can help you think clearly about a problem and focus your attention on the difficult issues. As development proceeds, the model becomes the basis for design and implementation.

  • Explanation. A model is a form of documentation, but a model alone is not sufficient. Modelers should also provide an explanation that walks the reader through the model and explains subtleties and major decisions.

  • Database structure. By applying a small number of straightforward rules (see Reference [5]), a developer can prepare a database structure (the initial empty database) from a model. The resulting performance is not only fast, but also highly predictable. Important concepts in the model carry forward directly to the database structure.

  • Converted data. Users often want new applications prepopulated with basic data. They should not have to enter part names, customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and the like that are already known from other applications and standard sources of data.

  • Programming code. Most application logic is straightforward and deals with database traversal. Nevertheless, some applications have intricate algorithms. For example, you may have a complex formula for computing product prices or an expert system that predicts future orders.

  • User interfaces. Database applications have some interface between the database and the user. A sound model and database structure enable ready access to data, making it easier to develop a quality user interface.

The ultimate output of development is, of course, the finished system.

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