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Review Questions

  1. Why were early console games programmed in assembly language?
  2. What is middleware?
  3. Select a classic arcade game and theorize what it would need to do during each of the three phases of the traditional game loop.
  4. In a traditional game loop, what are some examples of outputs beyond just graphics?
  5. How does a basic multithreaded game loop improve the frame rate?
  6. What is input lag, and how does a multithreaded game loop contribute to it?
  7. What is the difference between real time and game time, and when would game time diverge from real time?
  8. Change the following 30 FPS code so it is not frame rate dependent:

    position.x += 3.0
    position.y += 7.0
  9. How could you force a traditional game loop to be locked at 30 FPS?
  10. What are the three different categories of game objects? Give examples of each.
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