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  • Q. Once I write a program, is my job finished?

    A. It is said that a program is written once and modified many times. Throughout this 24-hour tutorial, you will learn the importance of maintaining a program after it is written. As businesses change and computing environments improve, the programs that people use must improve as well. Companies provide upgrades to software as new features are needed. The programs that you write today will have to change in the future to keep up with the competition as well as with new features that your users require.

  • Q. Can I enter other programming language listings in my editor as well?

    A. You can write programs in other programming language, such as C, C++, and Java, in your text editor. However, you would need a compiler or interpreter (depending on the language) to convert the programming language’s code to machine language. A machine language program is your program’s instructions compiled to a language your computer can understand.

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