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The Ultimate Database

In an ideal world, we would never have to spend so much time unpacking and solving data challenges. An ideal data store would have all the features we need to build our applications. It would have the availability of a key–value or document-oriented database, but would provide a relational model of storing data for the best possible consistency. The database would be hosted as a service in the cloud so that no infrastructure would have to be purchased or managed. This system would be infinitely scalable and would work the same way if the amount of data under management consisted of one megabyte or 100 terabytes. In essence, this database solution would be the magical, infinitely scalable, always available database in the sky.

As of this publication, there is currently no such magic database in the sky—although there are many efforts to commercialize cutting-edge database technology that combine many of the different data software paradigms we mentioned earlier in the chapter.

Some companies have attempted to create a similar product by providing each of the various steps in the data pipeline—from highly available data collection to transformation to storage caching and analysis—behind a unified interface that hides some of these complexities.

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