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Communicating in a Foreign Country Is Easy When You Use Talking Translator

Talking Translator is an amazing App that enables you to speak into a microphone in your native tongue and instantly have the phrase translated into another language. You are allowed five free translations per day, after that you need to purchase further translations. This is a remarkable app that can greatly enhance your ability to communicate in a foreign country.

To try out this app, do the following:

  • red_01.jpg In the App Store, search for Talking Translator. Tap Free, and then tap Install to download it. After it is installed, tap the Talking Translator icon on your iPad’s home screen to open it.

  • red_02.jpg The opening page gives you a few options to review, including Continue, Leave Feedback, Buy, or Activate.
  • red_03.jpg For this task, tap Continue, which takes you to the free translations.

  • red_04.jpg The next page requires you to choose your native tongue. For this task, chose English USA. As you can see, there are many languages to choose from.

  • red_05.jpg Next, choose the language into which you want your phrase translated.

  • red_06.jpg For this task, choose to have English USA translated into French.
  • red_07.jpg Tap Speak and choose a phrase you commonly need to translate when abroad, “Please help me find the nearest bathroom.”

  • red_08.jpg To do this, tap the red dot at the bottom of the app. As soon as the dot begins to flash, speak into the microphone. The app writes what it heard you say. It is important to make sure that the app has captured your exact question.

  • red_09.jpg Talking Translator shows your phrase written in French.
  • red_10.jpg Tap listen to hear your phrase.

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